MRI Safety Seminar

Welcome to our first Nordic seminar on MRI Safety.

The seminar takes place January the 30th-31st in Copenhagen and will be hosted by internationally renowned expert on MRI Safety, Dr. Emanuel Kanal from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The course is aimed at radiologists, radiographers and physicist involved in Magnetic Resonance imaging.The course will be held in English and we welcome participants from all Nordic countries to join.



Understanding the principles underlying potential MRI safety issues and then applying them to clinical decision making are the main objectives of this course

  • Review of the basic principles behind the potential security areas affected by MR image processing and magnetic resonance environment.
  • Clinical decision processing for risk assessment regarding MR imaging of various (active and passive) implants.
  • Formalization of the decision making process with a (distributed) clinical MR Safety Implant Risk Assessment decision tree.

 We look forward to see you in Copenhagen.

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