Planlagte kurser for de nordiske og baltiske lande

Siemens Healthineers Academy

Scheduled courses 2019. Please note that the page is updated continuously. Click on the respective course dates for more course information as well as registration. Courses marked with * are held in English. Other courses are held in local language. Preliminary dates are marked with **.

 Computer Tomography 
 CT BasicOct 1-2 Solna, SE
 CT CardiacMay 8-10 Linköping, SE
Conventional Radiology 
Basic course in skeletonsMay 14-15 Solna, SE
 Magnetic Resonance Imaging 
 MRI BasicMay 9-10 Solna, SE
MRI AdvancedMar 7-8 Oslo, NO
Nordic MRI Safety SeminarSept 10-11 Uppsala, SE *
MRI Sequence OptimizationNov 20-22, Gävle SE
Laboratory diagnosis 
Advanced user training Sysmex CS-5100Jan 22-24 Solna, SE
Sep 30-Okt 3 Solna, SE
Advanced user training Sysmex CS-2000i/2100i/2500Maj 7-9 Solna, SE
Nov 4-7 Solna, SE
Workshop Kompetens och rekrytering för automation inom labmedicinenMay 9-10 Örebro, SE
 syngo for techniciansMay 21-22 Solna, SE
Nov 19-20 Solna, SE
syngoDynamicsReport DesignMay 16-17 Solna, SE
syngo.via MRMar 26-27 Bergen, NO
Technical training for ACUSON SC2000May 14-16 Göteborg, SE
Oct 15-17 Göteborg, SE
 Technical training for ACUSON S-FamilyNov 5-7 2019 Göteborg, SE
Technical training for ACUSON NX2 / NX3Oct 1-2 Göteborg, SE